You’ve had a Wreck! Now What?

An accident is just that…an accident.  No one is ever really prepared for an automobile accident, but there are things you can do and think about ahead of time to manage the after-math of an accident. Get Off the Road if Possible If it is minor fender bender and the car or cars are still drivable, you don’t have to leave the cars where they are.  Safely move to the side of the road.  If you can’t move your vehicle, a tow truck ... Read more

Insurance Accident Forgiveness – Real or A Gimmick

If you watch TV then you have probably seen the dozens of clever commercials regarding Accident Forgiveness.  Are they for real or is it just another gimmick.  We searched the web for clear definitions and information regarding the "First-time driver  Accident Forgiveness" and "Safe Driving Record Accident Forgiveness"; what we found was about as clear as mud!  The bottom line is that as a consumer you must remember that nothing is free.  We found slight discounts in insurance sur-charge calculations which ... Read more