It’s Time to Find That Shine Again with Granite City Collision

It’s that time of season when the weather starts to get nicer, the sun shines a little longer, and those small dents and scratches on and around your car continue to get louder. Let this spring season be the time you do it—you take your car in and get that minor bodywork done. At Granite City Collision we can put the shine back in your sheen in no time, and at a reasonable price. For some reason, no matter how much we ... Read more

Best Auto Repair In Mt Airy

Are you looking for a body shop in Mt Airy. NC? Were you in a fender bender or car accident? Do you need an estimate from an auto body repair shop in Mount Airy?  Granite City Collision can help!   Since 1963 Granite City Collision has been saving people heartache and money through highly innovative and professional ways of vehicle repair. And with friendly service and a lifetime warranty on ALL workmanship, you will find no better place in North Carolina to take ... Read more

Have you looked into Paintless Dent Repair?

It seems like a rite of passage for owning a car today. Whether the car is brand spanking new, or you’ve owned it for years, when you walk up to your car and see a ding or a small dent from another car door, you want to scream. It’s the kind of damage that’s not worth reporting to an insurance company, but many of us don’t want to live with it either. So how do you get this small, but frustrating eye-soar ... Read more

Insurance Accident Forgiveness – Real or A Gimmick

If you watch TV then you have probably seen the dozens of clever commercials regarding Accident Forgiveness.  Are they for real or is it just another gimmick.  We searched the web for clear definitions and information regarding the "First-time driver  Accident Forgiveness" and "Safe Driving Record Accident Forgiveness"; what we found was about as clear as mud!  The bottom line is that as a consumer you must remember that nothing is free.  We found slight discounts in insurance sur-charge calculations which ... Read more