Granite City Collision is the only place to go when car repairs are needed, whether you live in the Mount Airy region or not. A new paint job, fixed dents, lifts, upgrades, we do it all, and with a lifetime warranty, free estimates, and a long and impressive history in the business, Granite City Collision can save you heartache and a lot of money. Let us help transform your vehicle, new or used, into a better version of itself.  

It only takes one time of figuring this out, but it can be risky getting your vehicle’s body repaired at a custom collision shop. “Custom” usually indicates the want for unique, fun, expensive work to be done. But what if the repair you need isn’t custom? Or worse yet, what if you end up going to one of these custom shops and the repair done doesn’t end up matching the rest of the car because the shop you took it to was not prepared for such work?  

Well, at Granite City Collision all repairs are under a 100% lifetime guarantee for as long as you own the car. Granite City can do this because we pair advanced repair methods with a traditional work ethic, and we believe if it’s not perfect, it’s not finished. Additionally, all of our parts are guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles. Sure, we like to do cool custom jobs too, but we are just as happy to repair dents and match paint colors. We find enjoyment in making you, the customer, happy.  


Typical Repairs & The Process of Getting the Work Done 

So what sort of repairs do the people of Mount Airy (and the surrounding areas) typically need? Anything from basic bumper fixes, to custom paint jobs on luxury BMWs. Have an old truck in need of a total rebuild? Granite City Collision does that too. 

What about you, what sort of repairs do you need? Your first step is to get a quote, and the easiest way to do this is to log onto Granite City Collision’s website— Simply click on the “Request a Quote” tab and fill out the form. That’s right, you don’t have to leave the house in order to start the process. Once you are finished online, a Granite City technician will contact you to discuss your situation, as well as, the process for dropping the car off and picking it up. This is nice because it gives you a chance to explain what needs to be done with the technician before the vehicle is even inspected.  

It’s important to have a reliable place to take your car when it needs a fix, and Granite City Collision is your place, so get that free estimate today! 


A Closer Look at What We Do  

Nobody wants to get into a car accident, and they always seem to happen when we least expect it, and that is usually the most inconvenient time. But, like us all, you will most likely need to visit a collision repair shop at some point during your vehicle’s lifetime, because it’s not just accidents that cause dings and dents. Simply loading groceries into the back of your car can result in some needed repair (have you ever noticed how grocery carts seem to be drawn by some unknown source towards your car?).  

When you arrive at a shop such as Granite City, you will notice we feature a full menu of auto body repair and restoration services—from paintless dent removal to lift kits and professional detailing. We pretty much do it all here at Granite City, but here are a few of the most common types of repairs we do: 


  • Paintless Dent Removal 

It doesn’t take much to dent your car—loose gravel can cause tiny dents, (as mentioned above) a stray grocery cart can leave a big mark, and of course, there are very few who leave a fender-bender without a few dings and dents. The danger with these impressions left on your car is that, if left without repair, they can end up causing even more damage to the paint job, because once that paint starts to chip it tends to keep on going.   

Paintless dent repair is the best way to remove dents because there is no sanding done and there are no filters used. Our trained technicians have special tools that adhere to the body of the vehicle that enables the technician to gently and slowly push the dent back into place without causing any harm to the vehicle’s body. Once complete, there is absolutely no evidence a dent was ever there. Paintless dent repair is inexpensive, long-lasting, and it works every time! 


  • Auto Body Painting 

If your car is older or if it has been in an accident, getting a new paint job is something to consider. Nothing brings your car to life like a fresh coat of a cool color. Another benefit to having your car repainted is it will help protect the vehicle’s exterior from the elements, as modern paint is much stronger and resilient than auto paints of the past.  

When our technicians paint a vehicle—whether it is covered in scratches, chips due to rocks, rust, or even if the paint is swirling—these are the steps they take to insure your vehicle comes out with a perfect paint job: 

  1. First, the entire surface is sanded down to the metal body. Then it is thoroughly cleaned so the primer used will thoroughly stick to the surface.  
  2. Next, a corrosion-resistant primer is applied to the body and plenty of time is given for the primer to cure (this is the most important step, as it sets the foundation for the paint itself.)  
  3. Once the primer is set and cured, the vehicle’s body is sanded and cleaned again to make sure it is perfectly smooth and ready to be painted.  
  4. Layers of paint are seamlessly sprayed over the car and allowed to dry for up to a week.  
  5. After seven days (at least), a clear coat is applied to the body, which provides a shiny, clean look.  
  6. Lastly, the vehicle is buffed and waxed and ready to be taken home.  


  • Frame Testing and Straightening 

Nearly half of all car accidents end up leaving vehicles with frame damage. Even the smallest fender bender can bend your car’s frame, causing it to drive differently and perform unevenly. Sometimes, you can’t even tell that your frame is bent, but the damage caused under the surface can end up being very expensive.  

In order to make sure your vehicle’s frame is not bent, or to get it back in shape, here are the steps we take at Granite City Collision: 

  1. First, we visually inspect the frame—looking for any signs of movement or bending. 
  2. If we notice any damage, we place the vehicle on our alignment machine, which then straightens the frame by using hydraulics and torque. 
  3. Once the frame is formed back to its factory specifications, we take it for a quick test drive and visually inspect the frame again to make sure it is precisely in its correct shape.  


Come visit us at Granite City Collision today to get your vehicle looking and running at its best.