The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about those special gifts for the special guys in your life. It can be difficult coming up with good ideas for gifts, especially if you have gone through a few cycles of gift-giving events. But don’t fret. There are tons of new, creative, and old-fashioned gifts that the men in your life will love. 

The best way to start your gift hunt is to think about each guy’s interests. Consider what they could use in everyday life, as well as what items could spoil them. Then, you can narrow down the search so that it feels more manageable, and you’ll be in a great position to choose the perfect gift! To help you reach success without the stress, we’ve provided some fantastic gift ideas. You’ll be sure to find something here for any man you’re shopping for!


The Techy

The beauty of technology is that there is always something new and it’s ever-evolving. The downside of the new technology is that it can come with a steeper price tag. If you’re looking to splurge on the techy in your life, the latest and greatest smartphones, tablets, computers, smart watches, and televisions are always an option. There are some amazing virtual reality headsets available that are sure to provide hours of entertainment. If the cost of technology is leaving you a little sticker-shocked, a wonderful, cost-effective alternative for any techy is a docking station, where they can plug in any of their electronics at the end of the day.


The Tough Off-Roader

For many men, off-roading is a fun pastime, but it can leave vehicles with a few dents and scratches (and perhaps a few broken windows). Even cars that are built for long and rough expeditions get some wear and tear. For the tough off-roader in your life, consider getting that dented bumper, scratched paint, or cracked window fixed. You can take the car in yourself and surprise them with the result, or you can get a gift card to their favorite collision and repair shop. If you want to go with off-roading gear, there are options for all budgets—from new shocks to recovery kits to gloves!


The Outdoors Adventurer

If the guy in your life likes to hit the trails in the great outdoors, there are several gifts you can get him that would make his trek more enjoyable and safe. There are some excellent fitness watches on the market that have a top-of-the-line GPS to help guide your wanderer to safety. Adventurers tend to be tough on their outdoor necessities and could always use some backups, so consider getting him some new hiking books, comfortable socks, a new water pack, or a lightweight raincoat.


The Style Icon

Fashion is its own form of art. If you have a guy in your life that likes to look good, you’re in luck because your price points will range from low to high. You can always choose to go for the accessories and get your style icon some fun patterned socks, a new winter hat, or a luxury tie. As winter approaches, your style icon could always use a new winter coat or some winter boots. Thinking out of the box, you can style your aficionado with a fashionable phone case, a satchel, or a designer leather wallet.


The Gearhead

If the man in your life loves cars, then the perfect gift for him is to invest in his car(s). Perhaps he’s been dreaming of some body work. If so, now is the perfect time to connect him with his favorite body shop and get that done (Granite City Collision is a fail-free choice!). As we go into those tough weather months, the gearhead would like for his car to be serviced, to get new tires, or even get a new set of windshield wipers. For men who love car gear, any investment in their car(s) will be greatly appreciated. 


The Foodie

Who doesn’t love food? Food can be fun, tasty, and a rich experience all in one. The cook in your life may have put some miles on their cookware and could use a refresh. There are some excellent top-of-the-line pots, pans, and bakeware on the market. All foodies appreciate good knives, whether they are used for cooking or eating. If you’re on a budget, investing in one good cooking knife makes a world of difference for a chef. If your foodie likes the experience of food more than the cooking, you can get them gifts cards to the hottest restaurants, plan a food truck extravaganza, or invest in a subscription to a meal delivery service.


The Coffee Lover

Very few things are better than a hot cup of joe, especially on a cold winter’s day. For the coffee lover in your life, there is a world of options available to you. You can go simple and get him this new favorite mug or go big and get him a smart mug that will keep his coffee the perfect temperature for hours. A coffee connoisseur could always use a backup french press or pour over. It’s impossible to go wrong with some of your coffee lover’s favorite beans or introducing them to new roasts from local roasters.


The Artist

The artist in your life is always creating, which means their supplies get filled up and depleted quickly. They can always use a refresh in their art supplies. What type of supplies they will need will depend on what kind of art they specialize in, but some ideas are new paint, pens, sketchbooks, a variety of sizes of canvases, clay, palettes, and drop cloths. For the cartoonist, a slate that digitizes handwritten drawings would make the perfect gift.


The Reader

There are an array of options for the reader in your life. For many readers, the touch and smell of books are as beloved as a good story. For the reader that loves physical books, you can get them a new read from New York Times Bestseller lists, introduce them to a book from a local author, or perhaps contribute to their classics library. For the reader who reads more books than they could fit in their home, opt for a new e-reader or a gift card to their e-book provider of choice. Some readers also enjoy a good newspaper or magazine. If that’s the case, then invest in a yearly subscription to their favorite publishers.


The Lounger

Who doesn’t love to kick back and relax? Especially on cold, rainy, and/or snowy days, there’s nothing better than getting cozy in your home. For the lounger in your life, a new pair of slippers or a warm sweatshirt would make their day. A pair of joggers or sweatpants are the perfect loungewear and make an excellent gift.


The Fitness Buff

If the guy in your life likes to work out, then investing in his interest will speak volumes. The runner quickly wears out shoes, so a pair of new running shoes make a great gift. The weightlifter would appreciate wrist supports or anti-slip grips. Whatever type of fitness the man in your life is into, he could always use some new workout clothes that are both cool, lightweight, and suitable for his preferred type of fitness. To help the fitness buff heal, the gift of a massager, ice packs, or heating pads would soothe their aching muscles.


The Griller

Investing in the man who loves to grill is a win for you because you’ll likely reap the benefits of the good food. If the BBQ lover in your life grills often, then he could probably use some new BBQ tools, a grill brush, or a scraper. If you’re looking for a fun gift, you can get him a personalized branding tool to make his mark. To elevate grilling and add flavor, get him some cedar planks, a smoker that goes on the grill, a variety of sauces, or some new spices. Help him protect his clothes by gifting him a new stylish apron.


The Music Lover

Music speaks to the soul and is a perpetual gift. Help the music lover in your life expand his exploration into new sounds by giving him an annual subscription to his favorite streaming service. If the man in your life likes the raw sounds of music, then the perfect gift for him may be some vinyl. If you are looking to splurge, all music lovers appreciate good sound quality and to feel the music; therefore, they all would appreciate some great speakers to hear their favorite songs out of.


The Camper

If the great outdoors is beckoning the man in your life, then there is no better gift than equipping him with the best camping equipment. A new and ultra-comfortable sleeping bag can enrich and enhance his camping experience. Keep your camper safe with a new first-aid pack and a top-of-the-line flashlight. Help him get a little pep in his step during the early morning wake-up with a portable coffee maker. The outdoorsman in your life would also love a new sturdy and easy-to-carry cooler to keep food chilled and safe.


The Sports Enthusiast

The sports fan will love any gift that speaks to their passion. You can go the old school route and get them a shirt representing their favorite team. If you want to be a little more innovative, you can get them sleek beer mugs that have etchings of their favorite sports or athletes. Signed memorabilia, although harder to find and a bit more expensive, is unbeatable and will forever be beloved by the sports enthusiast in your life. When in doubt, you can always go with a subscription to their favorite app or streaming service so they can watch or listen to games.


The Hunter

The hunt is over for the perfect gift for the hunter in your life. Hunters are outdoors for hours on end, looking for the perfect game. Keep him warm with a portable sized hand warmer that fits right into his pocket, new boots, hunting socks, a thermos, and/or a new hunting coat. If he enjoys hunting ducks, a new personalized duck call would be a beloved gift that he would treasure for years to come. And for the bigger investments, you could do a little digging to find the best guns, bows, and arrows, and any other weapons your hunter is interested in. 



Finding good gifts for the men in your life can be challenging. Actually, it can feel downright impossible and overwhelming! However, if you spend some time thinking about what your guys are interested in and considering what items could make their life easier and more enjoyable, then you will be off to a great start on your quest for the ideal gifts. 

Remember to research some of the gift ideas listed here, and be sure to consult customer reviews before settling on any product or service; there’s no better way to ensure the men in your life will be satisfied with their gifts than reading what people who have actually used the items have to say. Lastly, contact Granite City Collision to inquire about gift cards and other services that could wow the off-roading enthusiast or car lover in your life!