Donate Your Old Car, Fix Your Old Car, Granite City Collision, Mount Airy NC

Can’t decide if it’s time to say goodbye to your old wheels? There comes a time when all cars must retire, but often times it only takes a few touch ups to extend a vehicle’s life on the road!  Granite City Collision in Mount Airy, North Carolina is the best place to make the decision to donate or fix. Highly qualified technicians are there to help advise. But first consider a few questions:


How many miles are on the vehicle?

  1. Under 200 thousand.
  2. Over 200 thousand.


How often do you experience car troubles?

  1. Not very often
  2. Once or twice a week


What year is the vehicle?

  1. It was made in the 2000’s
  2. It is almost as old as me.


How reliable is the vehicle?

  1. It always gets me from point a to b.
  2. I often have to find other means of transportation.


If you picked mostly 1’s then your car is probably still in good condition. More than likely a few touch ups will help keep your vehicle on the road a little longer.


If you picked mostly 2’s, then it might just be time for your old clunker to retire. Putting in work to an old car can be very costly with little return. If your vehicle is at its retiring point the best option is to let Granite City Collisions help you donate the vehicle. When you donate a vehicle you can usually receive a discount on purchasing a new vehicle.


Whether you decide to donate the vehicle or to have it fixed, Granite City Collision is here to help with the process. Call Granite City in Mount Airy, North Carolina at 336-786-2119 to make an appointment. Also visit their website for a free estimate.