It’s Time to Find That Shine Again with Granite City Collision

It’s that time of season when the weather starts to get nicer, the sun shines a little longer, and those small dents and scratches on and around your car continue to get louder. Let this spring season be the time you do it—you take your car in and get that minor bodywork done. At Granite City Collision we can put the shine back in your sheen in no time, and at a reasonable price. For some reason, no matter how much we ... Read more

Tinted Windows For Summer!

Windows down, arms out, radio up, that’s what a nice summer day looks like to us here at Granite City Collisions. Summer is coming and there is nothing like freshly tinted windows to spice up your ride for the summer time fun. Tinted windows might be just the thing your vehicle needs to boost the exterior look while also helping protect your eyes when the sun is shining all day long. Why Get Tinted Windows? We all know how great tinted ... Read more

Spotlight on Darren Grey

Darren Grey is the Manager at Granite City Collision Center in Mount Airy. He has been involved in the automotive industry his entire life, and worked in the body shop at Flow in Winston-Salem before joining Granite City Collisions 5 years ago. Darren is a dedicated employee and loves the work he does for the owner, Scott McCorkle. “I love this aspect of the business,” Darren said. “I love taking cars that are destroyed in a crash, piecing them back together, ... Read more

Staff And Project Photos!

The staff at Granite City Collision Center is working hard by repairing collision damages, doing paintless dent removals, repairing and replacing glass, fixing wheel and frame alignment, and many other projects. Below are pictures of the team at Granite City Collision Center working on some of their collision repair projects.  Schedule you vehicle repairs by calling 336-786-2119.         Read more

Donate that Old Car or Fix It?

Can’t decide if it’s time to say goodbye to your old wheels? There comes a time when all cars must retire, but often times it only takes a few touch ups to extend a vehicle’s life on the road!  Granite City Collision in Mount Airy, North Carolina is the best place to make the decision to donate or fix. Highly qualified technicians are there to help advise. But first consider a few questions:   How many miles are on the vehicle? Under 200 ... Read more

Vehicle Survival Tips for Winter Driving Conditions

Vehicle Survival Tips for Winter Driving Conditions (Granite City Collision wants you and your vehicle to be safe this winter.) It’s wintertime in the Carolinas. Time for majestic snowfalls in the mountains. Time for a snow day for the kiddos. And, unfortunately, time for vehicle accidents.   In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need Granite City Collision. In this perfect world, drivers wouldn’t venture out in winter weather conditions unless it’s an emergency. These drivers wouldn’t brake suddenly and over-correct their steering when they start ... Read more

The Difference is in the Paint!

At Granite City Collision Center we use only the very best paints to touch-up or completely re-coat your vehicle. Our trained technicians have plenty of experience with all types of automotive paints, and they know exactly which is the best to use and how best to apply it. Don’t waste time going to other body shops who promise perfection but present you with a shoddy paint job. Get the job done right with us at Granite City. The type of paint used ... Read more

Granite City Collision: Best Dent Repair in Mount Airy

The good people of Mount Airy, NC know Granite City Collision is the only place to go when car repairs are needed. And word is quickly spreading throughout the entire Mount Airy region. With a lifetime warranty, free estimates, and an impressive history, Granite City Collision can save you heartache and a lot of money.   The truth is, it can be risky getting your vehicle’s body repair at a custom collision shop. What if the repair doesn’t last? Or worse yet, what ... Read more

Best Auto Repair In Mt Airy

Are you looking for a body shop in Mt Airy. NC? Were you in a fender bender or car accident? Do you need an estimate from an auto body repair shop in Mount Airy?  Granite City Collision can help!   Since 1963 Granite City Collision has been saving people heartache and money through highly innovative and professional ways of vehicle repair. And with friendly service and a lifetime warranty on ALL workmanship, you will find no better place in North Carolina to take ... Read more

Have you looked into Paintless Dent Repair?

It seems like a rite of passage for owning a car today. Whether the car is brand spanking new, or you’ve owned it for years, when you walk up to your car and see a ding or a small dent from another car door, you want to scream. It’s the kind of damage that’s not worth reporting to an insurance company, but many of us don’t want to live with it either. So how do you get this small, but frustrating eye-soar ... Read more
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