An oftentimes unpredictable event of owning a car is the potential for damage from extreme weather conditions.  We all know that with long exposure to the sun, the paint can fade on your car.  So it’s always better to keep a car out of the sun and other weather conditions if possible.

However, when it comes to extreme weather, especially the fast moving and unpredictable kind, there’s no time to shelter your car.  When there’s no time to prepare, certain extreme weather conditions will do damage the exterior of any car.

Hail damage in particular can cause tremendous damage to your car.  Depending on the size of the hail, the dents can be surface only or pretty deep.  Here at Granite City Collision we specialize in repairing cosmetic damage.  Using a paintless dent repair approach, we can remove minor body creases, dents and other damages caused by hailstorms.  This is a unique technique that repairs without causing any further damage to the original paint. We have extensive experience with this relatively new approach to repairing hail dent removal and removing any evidence of damage.

We also use this paintless dent repair approach for door dings that happen on the side of cars from parking lots.  These services, depending on the amount of damage, tend to be inexpensive, fast and rarely require a new paint job.

Your car is an important investment. Protect it by choosing Granite City Collision. We will treat your vehicle like it’s our own.

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