Granite City Collision is known in Surry County as one of best for repairing serious damage to a vehicle after a car accident.  Although we have a ton of experience making cosmetic repairs, we’re one of the few auto body shops that are equipped to handle the bigger repairs like auto frame damage.

Most frame damage comes from more serious collisions, however, cars are built today to prevent injury.  So even in low level collisions, cars are designed to take the brunt of the accident, therefore preventing injury to the drivers and passengers.  So you might be surprised to hear that even after what you would call a minor accident, your frame might be damaged.

If you bring your car to Granite City Collision, we’ll make your car whole again. Many cars that have been in accidents have bent frames that haven’t been detected or improperly repaired at a body shop.   Because all body shops are not experts in frame straightening, after an accident your car may not drive straight, feel crooked or pull to one side.

There are two things that we have here at Granite City Collision that allow us to be called experts.  First, we have the best equipment in the area.  We have 3 frame machines that allow us to straighten frames from all size vehicles including small cars to big trucks.  And secondly, we have experienced frame straightening specialists that have seen it all.

Repairing frame damage on a wrecked vehicle can be a tough job and even harder to do if you do not have the proper automotive frame straightening equipment and experts for the job.

For most accidents, insurance covers most repairs including the need to straighten out a frame.   So please, before you agree to have your care fixed by just anyone, bring it to Granite City Collision and let us give you a quote.  We’ll make sure that it is fixe the first time you bring it in.