Granite Collision Paint At Granite City Collision Center we use only the very best paints to touch-up or completely re-coat your vehicle. Our trained technicians have plenty of experience with all types of automotive paints, and they know exactly which is the best to use and how best to apply it. Don’t waste time going to other body shops who promise perfection but present you with a shoddy paint job. Get the job done right with us at Granite City.

The type of paint used on a vehicle is incredibly important. A good paint job can make any vehicle look better. Cheap paint, or even good paint that is not applied properly, can chip and peel. It scratches easily and does not handle extreme temperatures well. This is why you want only a professional touching your car.

There are three basic elements to any automotive paint: the carrier agent, the pigment, and the binder. The chemical combination of these ingredients, plus a few others, determines the strength and look of the paint. Most automotive paint comes pre-mixed, so it can be difficult to know how well it will set up and hold. That is unless you know which brands to use. Companies like Diamont, Duramix, Kuston Shop, and PPG are known for their high-end paints that can last for years without showing any wear.

During the application process, good paints tend to coat easily, and as long as the technician is spreading the paint evenly, the vehicle will look brand new when finished. Cheaper paints, however, do not coat as well. It is common for there to be light spots where the paint didn’t cover completely, and often times the vehicle can end up looking patchy or the paint can sag and drip in spots.

To receive the best paint job on your vehicle, come to Granite City Collision Center. You can trust us to use quality paint that coats your car and brings out that perfect shine. Come get a free estimate today!



-Andrae Bergeron