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Windows down, arms out, radio up, that’s what a nice summer day looks like to us here at Granite City Collisions. Summer is coming and there is nothing like freshly tinted windows to spice up your ride for the summer time fun. Tinted windows might be just the thing your vehicle needs to boost the exterior look while also helping protect your eyes when the sun is shining all day long.

Why Get Tinted Windows?

We all know how great tinted windows look, but there are so many benefits to tinted windows that go far beyond their outstanding aesthetics. Here are a few reasons to tint your windows in time for summer:

  • Keeps The Cabin Cool– The heat in the summer can make crawling into your vehicle a nightmare. With the sun beating down on your car it can be difficult keep your vehicle cool. With tinted windows, your vehicle will stay a little cooler since less heat will be able to enter.


  • Helps Protect Your Skin– We often don’t think about getting sunburned while ride in a car, but actually sunburn while driving is common. If you are driving a long commute or going on vacation your skin is exposed to UV rays from inside your car. If you drive during peak sunlight hours, you are at risk of over exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. Tinted windows can help protect your skin by blocking some of the UV rays.


  • Longer Lasting Interior– Tinted windows will also help protect the interior of your vehicle. Over time, sunlight and temperature can create wear and tear to your vehicles interior on leather seats, carpet, etc. With tinted windows, your vehicle’s interior will have a longer life span.


  • Less Driving Accidents– Believe it or not, tinted windows have been proven to cause less accidents on the road. With tinted windows, it is easier to see the road clearly when the sun is shining bright.

If you are ready to get your windows tinted, now is the time. Here at Granite City Collisions, we can tint your windows in time for summer. Give us a call to schedule your appointment at 336-786-2119.